Nestlé (ITOC) ~ Deel I

I think it is now time to step back a bit and to look behind to your major
contribution to the Windows rollout in all countries in Europe (55000 work-
stations, 3000 windows servers and more than 400 WAN connections) as well as
your contribution to afterwards facilitate the support of this huge environment.
I remember when we started first with pilot deployment (Switzerland) it was not yet
the time of SQL database but we were relying on emails, excel sheets and daily phone
calls in order to collect status information as well as inventory information. We quickly
realised that a much more professional approach will be needed and we have been very
lucking to get you on board.
I will not list all the modules you have developed but I will concentrate on a few ones
that have been the most important contributors to the success in terms information
accuracy, work automation and as such FTE
reduction, accessibility of services to our custo-
mers. I am thinking about:

The first one which is the basement of the others is the country/market, sites, user,
servers pdbnet database that contains in a structured way the information describing our
scope of activitiew (all the different object we are managing).

The daily deployment dashboard providing based on the daily
planned users, the real time overview of the progress in each
site doing migration in Europe. Of course, cumulating all the
detailed site information, I had in one click access to the
global progress. All together, for this 3+ year
deployment, I estimate that module to avoid to

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